Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy One Month

Loved ones,
Happy one month!! I can't even believe it, it feels like it has gone by sooo fast but that i have been away from home for forever! The days are so filled that it makes everyday feel like one big long day aha its the best way i can think to describe it! We are now the oldest district in our zone and will be the ones to leave next its so crazy! And everyone says the next week weeks will go by even faster, then hopefully on April 8th i will get my visa and be able to go off to Argentina. Ill be able to call home I'm pretty sure, when i get my travel plans if not i will email you and tell you all about it. Lets see this week has been just as busy but full of blessings for all the hard work and long days finally! Jasmine got here yesterday and i was so anxious and annoying all day because thats all i would talk about to my teachers and to everyone in the district but i was soo excited! I was sad i wasn't able to be her host but i had told Rachel to tell her to meet me at the ice cream bar at 5 and i guess she waited for me but i think he dinner was before mine so i didn't see her then. But guess what!!?? so a couple weeks ago i saw the classroom down the hall from mine putting up all this Ukraine things so i was like oh that would been cool if Jasmines classroom was that one but my whole floor is Spanish speaking so i didn't think it was possible right. Well wrong sure enough i asked one of the teachers in the classroom if they had a sister Wallace in there class and he said Yes! So after gym yesterday i just waited outside that classroom till sure enough there came Jasmine(sister Wallace) walking up the stairs. I pulled a dramatic girl move and like fell against the wall and started to cry hahaha we hugged for a long time but we didn't get to talk for long because they took her away to get a tour and take her back to unpack but I am just so excited that she will just be right down the hall, literally two doors down from me for these last two weeks!!!!but My Spanish is no were near were it needs to be but i found myself learning new things this week that finally connected when i speak with people so that was cool and i can understand a lot of what my teacher says now so at least in class I am not constantly asking my companion anymore what they teacher just said!! One of the highlights of the week was last night in the TRC, i think i told you how they have volunteers come in who are members just to be taught by us. Well we taught 2 20 minute lessons then one forty minute one on revelations that comes through the book of Mormon. We shared stories of Christ since it is easter on Sunday, using the book of mormon and i could feel the spirt so strong!! At one point one of the ladies was bearing her testimony, and ps everything is in spanish, and usually i can pick out a few words and understand most of what these people are saying but with her it was like she was just speaking to me in english and i could undertstand everything she was saying. She was just saying simple things that she knew to be true but then she started to cry and you all know me, of coarse tears came running down my face. I know that that wasn't just my knowledge of spanish that was helping me understand her words! The rest of the lessons that day something like that happened with each one! We are teaching a new investigator named Tomas, he is a hard one. Usually our teachers make up these investigators that are pretty open to the gospel and what we have to say but not tomas he could care less haha so its been interesting but i think me and my companion are finally getting the point were he trusts us enough to share more doctrine things. It will be good practice i know that!! Im so excited for easter sunday, they are doing a mtc wide sacrament meeting and the elders in my district were chosen to pass the sacrament along with like 100 more elders haha! I'm pretty positive a general authority will be there so I'm sure it will be amazing! I'm sad though because i don't get to sing in the choir because there is so many sisters and we can never get a seat anymore but i just hope we can get a seat in the big gym instead of having to go to one of the over flows!! And since it is fast sunday i will have to enjoy all my easter candy after dinner or on Saturday! We are trying to get teachers to go buy us plastic eggs so that we can have a little easter egg hung with the elders on either Saturday or Sunday! Thank you for that great package and I'm gonna for sure wear those socks on Sunday!!! I think I'm finally getting over this sickness that has been going around so thats good and mom that medicine helped a lot so thanks!! And i would love it if you would send me that Maxi skirt, the black and blue one! And maybe a new pair of panty hoes plleeasse!! And if you know Haleigh's address at the spain MTC i would love that so i can write her soon!! Well i hope everyone is doing great and i love you all and im so happy that i get this opportunity to serve a mission right now, its amazing how many sisters have answered the call to serve i just love it how full this mtc is and just how many young adults are going to spread across this country and all be going for the same exact reason and that is to bring people to Jesus Christ and partake of all the things he can give us!! I love you all and i love this work! Nothing has made me Happier!!!
Hermana Van Wagenen

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