Friday, February 1, 2013

The Call

 November 14th 2012
 Argentina, Rosario Mission,  Feb.13-Aug.14
Well this is the day it all officially started! I decided the same day the announcement was made that I was going to serve a mission and it seemed like forever from that day that I finally received the big white envelope with Sister Laurel Ashleigh Van Wagenen printed right on the font.
I got the phone call from my mom that it came in the mail and my dad was out of town so I chose to wait till Thursday so I could open it with him there. It all worked out because my roommate and best friend Jasmine received her mission call on the same day so we were able to be at each others.
Both me and Jasmine had herd this theory that the amount the postage was could tell you whether you were going state side or out of the country. Jasmine received her call first and her dad told her it was 1.90 so we were pretty excited because since it was so expensive it was a good sign that it could be foreign  So when my mom called saying my letter had some I told her she could look at the postage but I didn't want to know because i didn't want to get my hopes up either way. I quickly caved though and let her tell me and it was 1.90 as well. Jasmine and I just sat on our tiny apartment couch screaming our lungs out!
The whole day went by so fast and before I knew it I was standing in front of all my family and friends ready to read my call. All I wanted was for the time to slow way down so I could remember everything. But before I knew it the tears were streaming down my face ( when i say streaming it that does not even begin to describe how much i was crying) as I was reading the words I never thought I would personally have come out of my mouth. Then the word Argentina came out of my mouth and before i could even be excited or look up my twin was yanking me down and hugging me. Hence the middle freak out picture. You can tell everyone was pretty excited and that includes me! My older sister even shouted out that Rosario would be a cute baby name ha so there ya go. I'm so excited to be able to preach the gospel in the Spanish language and it made it even more special that both of my brothers served their missions in South America as well. so i can now be apart of the Spanish club. It was great to have everyone there and uplifting to know that all these people supported me in my decision to serve a mission.

I can not imagine a more perfect mission call for me! Argentina is where I am suppose to serve and i know that there will be certain people there that I was meant to teach. I'm excited to be apart of a different culture and maybe learn some Argentine tango! But for real though I am just excited for the opportunity to serve as a missionary ultimately it didn't matter where I got called but I feel so blessed to be able to go to
Rosario, Argentina

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