Monday, February 18, 2013


February 17, 2013
 My farewell day finally came and I think it went perfectly! I had so much anxiety over what I was going to say and if I was going to be able to even give my talk through all my emotions but after it was all over I new I shouldn't had been as worried as I was.
I decided to speak on the 4th article of faith and the idea just kinda popped into my mind one morning and I'm so happy it did because I was able to learn more about those principles and brush up on the subject, since I know they will be important for me to teach while I'm on my mission. I felt so much love as I just sat up there watching all these people walk in who I love and it was so great that they came to support me! Of coarse it didn't take me long to start crying I think it was only about 5 seconds from the time I stood up to speak but I was able to teach and talk about the things that I wanted to before I broke down again so that was good, and I was told I don't have an ugly cry so that was good too, to find out since I'm mostly crying whenever I talk about church things.
My good friend who lives in Colorado right now sent me a text message in the morning just telling me I was going to be great and she told me to just take in the moment and remember it. It was great advice and I'm glad she told me to do that because now I will always remember just the love I felt from family members and friends that day. It was an overall great day and I'm happy I got to express my love for the gospel and how blessed I am for everything in my life!

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